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About Us

Who We Are


We are an organization aimed at helping kids with Cancer. We were inspired to begin this organization in 2013 when my sister, Aimee, was diagnosed with a kidney cancer called Wilms Tumor. She underwent chemotherapy, major surgery, strenuous recoveries, exhausting investigations, and painful port "pokes." As her sister, I remember how painful the "pokes" were. I realized that cancer isn't just one thing that affects one person. Cancer affects so many people and throughout this process, I learned that 1 out of 285 kids in the United States would be diagnosed with Cancer by the time their 20 years old. I also learned that less than 4% of the National Cancer Institutes Budget goes to all Pediatric Cancers combined. In addition, most Pediatric Cancers remain a mystery and cannot be prevented with our current knowledge. We met with Cancer researchers who were passionate about discovering the causes of childhood cancer and determined to find treatments that were less toxic and more effective. However, many have had to pause their critical research due to lack of funding.


Together we can advocate for children with cancer, raise awareness and funds, so we can develop and create tools that will make the lives of children going through Cancer a little less distressing... all while supporting the critical research that is necessary for developing safer and more effective treatments.  


Our Mission


Our mission is to inspire hope to children and families affected by Cancer by raising awareness, supporting critical pediatric research and promoting healthy social and emotional programs.


What can we do to help?


Aim For A Cure is a fund that has been created in partnership with The Hospital For Sick Children. It is our mission to inspire hope to children and families affected by cancer. It is a way for kids and families to believe in a cause and take action in any way...we know kids can sometimes make the biggest difference in other kids lives, so any community, "kid-inspired" way of raising funds and awareness would be a wish come true...bake sales, book sales, parties..spread the word :)



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